ARISE by Mike Owen ©7/26/10

Oh brilliant light that shines, you are like lover’s wine
Reveal your soul to me, and let love free.

Excitement in your kiss, lays soft upon the mist
Like ancient songs of love sublime ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬.

Close my eyes, cries of passion fill me I arise.

Your essence from within, intoxicates the wind
Embraces me and then I am with you. 

A Day Without Music © Mike Owen 6/5/2010

A day without music. Don’t know if I can do it. Addictive like a designer drug. Have to constantly pursue it.
A wild guitar screams late in the night. The harpist arppegiates in warm morning light.
Notes from a flute, like running water, stream and fall gently down on the oboist’s dreams.
Twin violin and two double bass. Orchestrate, through earth and space.
Saxophone speaks in delta jazz. African honey drips slowly as trumpet blues do.
The piccolo sings like a mockingbird and the tuba rumbles beautifully low.
Ancient chants of choral cries , echo deep across the grey blue sky.
The primal beats on tympani rock and hi-hat swings rage fervently.
String vibrations ripple very far and ricochet slowly back from the stars.
Contemplate counterpoint, stay open to the muse. Let the soaring baton guide me to you.
A hauntingly gorgeous waltz spins away in triple time as each day regretingly unwinds.
A day without music is like a melody longing for words.
Hello day. I am the music.
Hello day. I am the song.


The snow is falling, the hearth’s a fire
My loved ones are here with me
The sweet smell of cookies and evergreen
Fill the air , create a winter scene.

Cards from old friends are a blessing to me
They touch me in a certain way
Neighborhood lights of Christmas delights
Make me feel aglow and make me say..

I love Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year
They say it’s just for children, but when it comes my dear
My faith just gets stronger, I wish Santa could stay longer
I love Christmas, in my heart it lasts all year

Songs of joy and songs of faith
I wish it were here I can hardly wait
The smiles on the people warm up the night
Let’s gather ‘round the tree, it’s shining bright

©owensongs Mike Owen