Here's a list of cds I have recorded:

Bebop Band vol.1
It's Christmas
Urban Jazz Project....w/ Paul Peacock          
Give and Take..... w/ Paul Peacock          
Higher Learning....w/ Paul Peacock          
A Jazz Affair.....w/ Paul Peacock          
Foward into the Past......w/ Frank Battaglia          
The Art of the Ballad          
Waltz for Jill          
Owensong Trio.....Rendevous
Owensong Quintet
Book of Blues
Jazz Power
The Recital
Watching the World Turn

And as a side man:

Jazz Forever  (5 CDs)
Good Friends.....Carol Sanders
Carol Sanders/ Mike Owen Duo Live
In Dreams....Greg Scott
New One.....Greg Scott  ( soon to be released )
The Big Purr.....Pasheen
This Here City of New Orleans......Frank Battista
The Houston Symphony
Tom Pacheco  "The  Luminol Sessions"

It's Christmas, Give and Take, Higher Learning, A Jazz Affair and  Waltz for Jill are available for purchase on . All others please contact me for info..